Stichting Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam adheres to the Governance Code for Cultural Institutions (Governance Code Cultuur).
This Code is an instrument to further good governance in and supervision of the cultural sector in the Netherlands.

Characteristics of good governance and supervision:
•    Clarity of management structure and the pertaining responsibilities;
•    Irreprovable and transparent transactions with proper regard to the interests of all persons to whom they relate;
•    Demonstrable expertise in governance and supervision;
•    Effective governance and supervision with proper accountability;
•    Effective realization of mission and goals;
•    Efficient expenditure of financial resources, whether publicly or privately funded.

The governance structure adhered to by the Executive Committee of Stichting Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam delegates management to the Director.
However, the Executive Committee remains accountable.

Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam has an Advisory Committee.
This Committee provides advice, whether requested or unrequested, to the Executive Committee and Management.
Its members at June 2017:

Executive Committee

Chair: Björn Stenvers; Treasurer: Ronald Bakker
Members: Laïla Abid, Souad Haouli, Marianne de Rooij