Language market: Saturday 2 September from 12-16 hrs at Bookstore Scheltema, Rokin 9 

Information and advice for several Dutch courses and 14 other foreign languages: Join us for our Language market in de Scheltema bookstore and:  

* get information on our Dutch courses
* meet our teachers * get your language level tested
* enroll for a Dutch course
* buy the course books
* let us surprise you! 

Starting September 18, our section Dutch for non-Dutch speakers will open its doors for hundreds of students wishing to learn or improve their Dutch.
We offer Dutch language courses on every level. If you are an absolute beginner you can enrol online at this website. Choose the course you want to do and enrol                                                                  by clicking the button 'schrijf je in'. You can also enrol by sending an e-mail to the                                                                 secretariaat

There are around 23 different courses, for all levels and study paces. Our Dutch language courses will give you a closer look at the ins and outs of life and culture in the Netherlands, as well as teach you the language. If you already have done a NT2 course at Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam and received an advisory letter from your teacher you can enrol by sending an e-mail to quoting the coursecode and your details.
Not able to join us at our Language market? There are some other intake sessions scheduled. Details will be published on the website around August,15 

Just take a look at the summary of the languages who will be present on September, 2nd:
• Arabisch
• Chinees
• Duits
• Egyptisch
• Engels
• Frans
• Hebreeuws
• Indonesisch
• Italiaans
• Japans
• Marokkaans
• Russisch
• Spaans
• Tarifit (Berber)
• Turks

More intakes possible after 2 September for English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Italian    look here for the dates and times